Integrated Marketing Campaigns

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time

Zig Ziglar

Sending out 1 email and expecting a return is doomed to failure

Whatever action you are trying to elicit from your target audience, having a well thought through plan and strategy is imperative. Let’s look at prospecting for new business as one example – It takes on average 6-8 touch points to close a sale. Building an integrating marketing campaign which uses multiple touch points to raise awareness of your business will increase your conversion rates exponentially.

With so many different paths now available to engage with your audience, the world of marketing can feel a little daunting. It really doesn’t need to. Whatever outcomes you are trying to achieve, we will work with you to understand your goals, explore all the options and then create a full, carefully planned campaign to ensure success.

Below you will find some examples to how we are helping others to create campaigns that succeed:

Working alongside Coast to Coast and Epson, we created a series of communications to successfully launch a new environmentally friendly Managed Print Service to their existing customers and prospects.

Through a series of regular email campaigns, social media videos and posts, direct mail communications and presentations, we were able to generate a number of meaningful conversations and arm the sales team with all the tools they needed to convert interest into action.

Office Team are a consortium of 11 office product resellers based in Ireland.

Each quarter, we work with the group committee to produce a suite of marketing materials to give each member access to unique content to raise awareness of new products, special offers and relevant industry news. This content is used by the group to engage with both customers and prospects.

The quarterly marketing toolkit gives all the members access to a full suite of joined up marketing materials including printed and digital catalogues, and a range of supporting email campaigns, social media content, articles and content for web. They provide a database of products they wish to feature, and we do the rest.

All the materials we create are personalised and to each member featuring their brand colours, contacts, prices, messages and call to actions. The end result is a range of professional looking marketing materials which really look unique to each business.

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Web Design & Development

Full consultation on all aspects of your website design and strategy to grow your website

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Carefully considered campaigns with various and multiple touch points to increase conversions and ROI

Email Marketing

From a single campaign, to a series of automated emails based on your customers activities and their lifecycle

SEO & Digital Advertising

Formulating the perfect blend of digital strategies to establish what works best for you incorporating SEO, PPC and re-targetting

Large Format & Packaging

From your product packaging to wall displays, to van signage and digital billboards

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Any printed material, from business cards, to brochure and catalogue designs