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Delivering a 4x increase in organic traffic for yorkshire hot tubs

After working closely with the team at Yorkshire Hot Tubs on numerous projects including their shop designs, billboard campaigns, van signage, event materials and large screen video ads, we were asked to look at their digital strategy.

Discover how we increased organic traffic by over 299% within a year

The Yorkshire Hot Tubs website had served them well in the first 7 years in business. Technology had advanced exponentially since the site was first built which left them with some fundamental challenges. Their site was not responsive and did not give the user the best experience on smaller devices. There was also a lack of supporting content management system in place which made it difficult for the team to maintain and update with changes. To tackle this, we decided to go down the route of a complete redesign and rebuild with a launch date of June 2018.

The website was receiving a good number of visitors each month, with the peak months in 2017 receiving over 1000 visitors (as you can see from the below, the hot tub market is a seasonal business):

As with all websites we build, we started with keyword research – a process where we leave no stone unturned to get a solid understanding of what people are searching for to find the products which we are marketing. Crunching the data developed a clear plan and wireframe for the website along with some great ideas for content.

We wireframed the website against popular the search terms to engage with the visitors. The site was designed, built and optimised for search engines – meta tags, alt tags and sitemaps all in place, good keyword density on each page, compressed images and light code to make the site super quick, responsive, secure and so forth.

We were ready to go live at the start of June 2018 on schedule. The results we saw were instant with a 79% increase in month 1 compared to June 2017:

But the fun had only just begun. Google loves to see a nice new high performing website with all the right elements in the right place. However, what it also likes to see even more is people investing effort and time into a site.

During the keyword research phase, we unearthed a plethora of topics and questions that people were searching answers for. This provided us with the foundations of a robust content strategy. Since launching the website, we have been adding additional pages, writing blogs around popular search terms and sharing our content across all social media platforms. All this effort has meant the numbers have continued to grow.

July 2019 saw the best month on record, growing visitors 4 fold from 1200 in July 2017 to nearly 5000 in July – a 299% increase:

There’s more in store for Yorkshire Hot Tubs. Where could we be this time next year…?

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